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Hejola report for 03052014.


Kingsville,tx. Hello again I am Fideo Vermicelli con today’s award winning barrio headline news:

Barrio woman acting like democratic gets run off.

Two arrested for removing political signs.

And finally some sad news.


It is unbelievable how our creator thinks he can run and never the less win as the Chairperson for the democratic party in 2016. There are several reason why we think he can’t win? I reason he can’t spell for chit and second he has a police record about a half inch long. Think about who would want somebody with long hair to run a political party and a strong voice in the hood? So think about folks what could Daniel the creator actually do for you?

Juanita and Juantio Montes were arrested by a thing called citizens arrest by several republicans and two unknown democratic for removing political sign all over the county. The persons that arrested them called the constable and told him that they had capture two persons removing most of all the sign in the county.  The two will be charged and taken to jail.

Yesterday la senoria Maria Martinez was asked to leave a democratic party rally when she commented que they the republicans are much nicer than the democratic here. But also stated with the most lame comment ever made, que she felt at home there. So the majority of the folks asked her to go there if she felt right at home there and leave the refreshments and sweet bread behind.

Have a great day raza.

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Comment by AUTENTICO DJ MANUEL on March 6, 2014 at 12:29pm

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