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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW ‘con’ [Mary Margaret Park]:

Saint Charles, MO (CCHWNN) February 28th, 2011 -- My name is Santa Cecilia

con on the road again interviews. This week, my creator has sent me on a very

interesting task of interview, a young lady that just released a sing cd, “Donde

Voy Estar”, that should on the airwaves real soon, but enough of that, let’s get to

that interview…           


SC: Hello dear, how are we doing? My god, it was a long bicycle ride here, can

you give me a hand off this bicycle, Mary?

Mary: I’m doing fine, but you look a little winded, here you go chica, y sabes

que? It looks like you have a flat tire.


SC: Let us start, how in the world does a creative person with some much skills

get involved in endeavor as release a Tejano song named “Donde Voy Estar”?

Mary: Well, it was a culmination of things. I had completed backing vocals for a

German styled Cumbia version of [Palomita Blanca], and was then scheduled to

work on some Electronic songs the week after. During this time, I had been

listening to the [Wild Orchid] original soundtrack, and it put me in the mood to do

something worldly and expressive. I had just finished recording a separate

Tejano Two-Step song with Sekrett Scilensce, and had mentioned that it would

be great for me to record a song similar to that, because the music is so heartfelt

and sexy, or maybe something with congas, you know, the whole tropical feel. I

felt that a Cumbia might come across overdone, especially since any rendition I’d

do would have a lot of Electro influence. I went back to listen to some vintage

Tejano recordings and reheard [The Peanuts Polka]. All I can say is, the light

bulb lit.


SC: Can you give us a little bit of information on your musical background?

Mary: Todo mi familia is musical, I started singing and playing the piano when I

was little. My Sister was a Classical Pianist also, so I was influenced heavily by

[Bach], [Beethoven], [Mozart], and [Chopin]. I sang in various choirs and have

always loved songs with rich harmonies. Our family often gathered around the

piano and we’d sing in three and four part harmony. I learned to play the flute in

elementary school. By the time I was in high school, I was playing the piccolo

and saxophone also. It is basically an addiction I refuse to be treated for.


SC: Who is Kuneo Koei and what does it represent?

Mary: [Kuneo Koei] is the collaborative catalogue management company of the

[MMP Publishing] and [Sekrett Scilensce Associates] registered titles database.

The company handles our rights and distribution, while serving as a safe haven

for artistic endeavors that are uninhibited and anti mainstream, give or take a

request by fans to do something fun or fluffy. Our videogame music selections

are probably the extent of any such request.


SC; As you mention before, that you have worked very close con music

composer and producer Sekret Scilensce, how did that come about?

Mary: Ss (Sekrett Scilensce) and I met several years ago, and have become

best friends since. We often consult one another on our creative endeavors, both

musical and written. In the beginning, I was a fan in love with his work. He had

been busy traveling in Upstate New York, so there was a small gap in

communication. I had sent him many writings while waiting to hear back from

him. He returned and said to me, “Okay, I read them, now let’s get beyond

these”. About a week later, he hired me to do some press writing. It became clear

that he was on a mission to have me duke it out with myself, publically.


SC: I see that your major interest is writing. How difficult is it to be a creative

writer and how long have you being doing this?

Mary: I’ve loved reading and writing since I was a kid. After I met Sekh (Ss), and

he’d read some of my poetry, he said, “Schreiben Sie eine verdammt Roman

bereits”, which basically means, “Write a damn novel already”. I’ve been writing

on a regular basis again for the last six years, and am now working on my third

novel. I love writing. Sometimes it comes easily to me, but sometimes, it’s really

difficult. In the end, when the story comes together, it’s totally worth the stress.


SC: Who are some of the major Tejano influences in your life that made you

want to record this new single, “Donde Voy Estar”?

Mary: I really enjoy the music of [Laura Canales], [The Latin Breed], and [Gary

Hobbs]. In my mind, [Donde Voy Estar] ended up harkening to the traditional

ballroom polka sound. I guess because artists like [Jay Perez] are still releasing

music, you could say it isn’t completely stilted, and while I enjoy that sound too, I

just haven’t heard it changed all that much over the years, respectfully. Who

knows what listeners will think though?


SC: As a child, did you ever dream of achieving some much in your life?

Mary: I’ve always gone after the things I really wanted. All it takes is the desire

and a willingness to work hard, and you know, occasionally taking off your

chancla, para tu sabes, pelear.



SC: I read somewhere that you have earned a Bachelor’s of Science in

Pharmacy and a Minor in Chemistry, how did that come about?

Mary: I’ve always been fascinated by the nature of things, how they work, the

intricacies, so going into science was natural for me. I figured I’d be living the

‘starving artist’ lifestyle, no matter what I pursued for a while, so choosing the

medical field to fuel my passions was a perfect match.


SC; Do you think your talent in music will have a big impact in Tejano scene?

Mary: I love making and singing the songs. If people enjoy listening then I’m



SC: If given the chance to speak with a group of young people, what

encouraging words would you say to them?

Mary: Like many have said, follow your dreams, work hard, and don’t ever let

anyone tell you that you can’t achieve them. Nunca te rindas.


SC: Finally Mary, what would like to share with your fan base and the Tejano

world about Mary Margaret Park?

Mary: From all corners of the globe, for la onda Tejana, si viva la frontera.


SC: Thanks again Mary, and girl, can you give me a hand back on this bicycle

and point to me which way is the freeway?

Mary: Okay chica, but the direction depends on where you are going from here.


SC; As l ride my bicycle into the sunset, I ask myself, that la onda Tejana has

influences some many in our world. I am Santa Cecilia la que canta…

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